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Luna With Logograms

China’s Chang’e-1 lunar orbiter sent this image back to Earth, released by China’s space agency Tuesday. I’m sure that the logograms next to this lunar landscape would give some people pause. I can imagine the sensation this kind of image … Continue reading

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Swimming in Acid?

Check out this piece on the oceans under Europa’s ice crust. If sulfur and hydrogen are big part of the picture on Europa, that sixty-mile-deep ocean might be an acid bath. Sulfuric acid, that is. Count me as a … Continue reading

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Blogging Light

… the past few days. Tuesdays are always the busiest of my days, what with our weekly staff meeting, plus the usual agendas. I also have my weekly five-hour gig at a nearby children’s center, working with the teens and … Continue reading

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Europe a Wing, Not the Center

 … where Christianity is concerned. According to Pope Benedict, who offered a reflection on St Ephrem today: According to general opinion, Christianity is a European religion that has exported the culture of this continent to other countries. The reality, though, … Continue reading

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RP 3: Holy, but Needful of Purification

Under the second header, “Reconciliation of Penitents in the Church’s Life,” we have section three titled, “THE CHURCH, BOTH HOLY AND ALWAYS IN NEED OF PURIFICATION” 3. Christ “loved the Church and gave himself up for it to make it … Continue reading

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Money Mismanagement in Chicago

dotCommonweal linked to this report in the Sun Times on a parish business manager claiming to be fired for blowing the whistle on a corrupt pastor. Another public scandal over which the Church will come off looking very badly. Sex, … Continue reading

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RP 2: Rooted in Baptism and Eucharist

What is the relationship between penance and the other sacraments? The Rite of Penance suggests a close link with the grace of forgiveness received in baptism: 2. This victory is first brought to light in baptism where our fallen nature … Continue reading

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