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To “Keep and Ponder”

(This is Neil.) Let me wish all of our readers (and Todd) a blessed New Year’s. I would also like to contribute one more post in 2007 (the long promised posts on the medieval Eucharist will appear in January). During … Continue reading

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Mars Collision Update: 4%

I had read last week that chance of 2007 WD 5 hitting Mars had been ruled out. Apparently not, as astronomers have found images of the 164-ft asteroid in image archives and now say there’s a one in twenty-five chance … Continue reading

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RP 45, 85-92: Prayer of the Penitent

PRAYER OF THE PENITENT 45. The priest then asks the penitent to express his sorrow, which the penitent may do in these or similar words: My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. In choosing to … Continue reading

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One Fruit of Trent: Calendar Reform

I saw this post in Intentional Disciples on the Gregorian Calendar reform. Resolving the disconnect between the Julian Calendar and the astronomical reality was one of the fruits of the Council of Trent. I suppose we could see how many … Continue reading

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The Hermeneutic of Obstruction: Roots In Fear

The usual suspects are fisking the NCR liturgy editorial which takes aim at the hermeneutic of obstruction. I think Fr Fox and others have missed the editorial’s point. NCR is concerned with a bigger picture, not just the conciliar theology … Continue reading

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RP 44: Confession

Form I continues with “CONFESSION OF SINS AND ACCEPTANCE OF SATISFACTION” 44. Where it is the custom, the penitent says a general formula for confession (for example, I confess to almighty God … ) before (she or) he confesses (her … Continue reading

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Taking Care With Creches

Thom at Ad Donimum provides some advice for … er, next year: When sprinkling with Holy Water, please take due care to not sprinkle the bulb of the wee spotlight that shines on the Nativity in the Sanctuary. The bulb … Continue reading

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