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RP 15-17: Preparation, Welcome, and Scripture

Let’s delve into the instructions on form I, the “Rite for Reconciliation of Individual Penitents.” Section 15 describes briefly the “PREPARATION OF PRIEST AND PENITENT” 15. Priest and penitents should prepare themselves above all by prayer to celebrate the sacrament. … Continue reading

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Do You See Santa?

Some media folks are seeing Santa Claus (right) in this x-ray image of the Orion Nebula. The science: The high-temperature gas fills a region of the nebula that appears to be a huge cavity in optical and infrared images. The … Continue reading

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Charles Wesley in Rome

My colleague Neil and his wife would be pleased to see this news bit from CNS, describing an ecumenical evening prayer this past Sunday honoring Charles Wesley. Location: St Paul Outside the Walls. The president of the World Methodist Council, … Continue reading

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Psalmody and Advent: Praise and Lamentation

(This is Neil.) I’m sorry for not having posted more often. There has been much else to do, and, besides, an encyclical on hope to read. I’d like to post a little here on the theme of Advent and hope. … Continue reading

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RP 12-14: Place, Time, Vestments

With these three sections, we begin a close examination of part IV, “Celebration of the Sacrament of Penance,” and we commence with the “Place of Celebration.” 12. The locations for the ministration of the sacrament of penance and the place … Continue reading

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