The Pope Gets Another Song

On the musical front, this CNS news bit about two Wisconsin Catholic rockers who penned “The Song of Benedict” to show “you can be Catholic and cool at the same time.” The group’s web site is here, and the song will be released on Saturday.

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3 Responses to The Pope Gets Another Song

  1. Randolph Nichols says:

    Given the pope’s reported comments on rock culture, I’m wondering if this is intended more as insult than tribute. Being the father of a serious heavy metal rocker, I’ve learned over the years a lot about recording contracts, international tours, marketing, and various aspects of the rock business and culture. Of one thing I’m sure, heavy metal appeal depends in large part on its iconoclastic thrust. Attempts to domesticate or legitimize it are doomed.

  2. Carita says:

    Doomsday forecasts are not always fair or even accurate.
    Knowing the group Oremus, and having heard the Song of Benedict in live concert, I can assure you that this is no insult to the Holy Father. The group even has a letter of thanks from the Holy Father, promising his prayers, and imparting his Apostolic Blessing.

    If you read the whole article that is posted at you will see that these rockers attend daily Mass, participate in Perpetual Adoration, have participated in classical Church choirs, do not advocate rock for the Mass, and are on the same page as the Magisterium in every area.

    In fact, the article and their website continue to explain that these rockers are trying to respond to JP the Great’s call to transform the culture– .
    If you don’t try to transform the culture, it won’t be transformed.

    Some rockers may be doomed, some are not.
    Not fair to damn a whole group.
    BTW, maybe your son is a serious heavy metal rocker, but Oremus definitely is NOT.

    Check these guys out with forbearance and give them a chance — Benedict XVI did.

    God bless! And do not give up on your son.
    Today is the feast of St. Ambrose, mentor of St. Augustine. St. Monica and St. Ambrose never gave up on St. Augustine.
    Let us all hold your son up in prayer.
    Oremus! (Let us pray!)

  3. J. Strazdis says:

    No insult to the Pope whatsoever —
    Catholic News Service, Catholic Relevant Radio, Madison Catholic Herald, and numerous other national web and news reports have only good things to say about this song and this group.
    The group is involved in REDEFINING and reclaiming rock culture, and they are in communication with the Vatican.
    Read up at their website before forcasting doom.

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