“Another Superb Liturgy”

Friend and occasional CS commentator Jimmy Mac sent this music listing from his parish this past weekend:

Today at the 10:00 liturgy @ MHR we had music by the San Francisco State Chorale, under the direction of one of our parishioners.

They led off with the opening hymn of “Katisma I from the Vigil of John the Baptist” by Einojuliani Rautavaara ….. in Finnish (of course!) … http://www.amazon.ca/Rautavaara-Vigilia-All-Nig-Einojuhani/dp/B0000064AJ

They also did a Kyrie in B flat from “Mass for Double Chorus” by Josef Rheinberger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Rheinberger)

The music for the preparation of the gifts was “Small Flowers/Kevin Oldham (1960-1993)” by Kenneth Boulding  (http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Bio/Oldham-Kevin.htm)

For the Holy Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen and Fraction Rite, our local choir led us in music from Schubert’s “Deutsche Messe.”

The chorale did a Communion Meditation of “Incantation” by Michael McGlynn, sung in “the Irish” don’t you know.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_McGlynn)

We rounded everything off with a recessional of “Awake! Awake and Greet the New Morn”  by Marty Haugen. 

We had a full church and everyone was really keyed up by all of the great music.  Consequently, the SFSU chorale and our choir got standing ovations at the end of Mass.

We had a visiting celebrant who is a superb homilist!  He was just dramatic enough to keep the attention of the congregation without going overboard into unacceptable theatrics.

FYI, ever since the Abp Niederauer visit and his subsequent “apology” the Catholics of San Francisco for exactly nothing, we have had a steady stream of visitors (mostly apparently straight) checking us out.  That ill wind has blown us a lot of good.

Ho, hum, just another superb liturgy here in Sodom by The Sea.

Reading what other people are doing in parishes far far away is often edifying. The other comment I’ll add on the musical front is that most of the better music ministries in parishes are fairly diverse in their programming. I try to keep an eye on that when I can. This past Sunday, we used something contemporary and modal, something gospel, and something of shape note song for the hymnody–all Americana, including the Mass setting. Oh, one exception was using the Alleluia refrain from O Filii et Filiae–that’s not Western Hemisphere.

Rautavaara, Schubert, and Marty Haugen at the same Mass. Do you suppose that’s never been done before?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to “Another Superb Liturgy”

  1. A reminder to those who get over excited about “lex orandi, lex credendi” that good music does not necessarily stem from or lead to faithfulness to doctrine and practice.

  2. Jimmy Mac says:

    With regard to “faithfulness to doctrine and practice,” we at MHR think that this is how we should live out our Christianity:

    “God does the choosing and you find out about the rest gradually from your folks: How you have landed in a turbulent and global household with the galaxy’s most eccentric rules; that the lights are never to be put out and the stranger never to be turned away; that the meals are to be served whenever there is hunger; that the groceries must be generously depleted and generously replenished with everything everyone has; that those who fret and grouse and cheat and lie and steal and kill must be relentlessly sought out and brought back to life; that those who break the rules and those who abandon the house must be pursued to the remotest frontiers of their souls and forgiven; that those who pass judgment on the violators of house rules, like those who take their author for granted, are doomed. And that those who inhabit the household must always remember that what is outside is ending.”

    Michael Garvey, “Finding Fault”, 1990

    “We know where the Church is; it is not for us to judge and say where the Church is not.” Orthodox theologian Paul Evdokimov.

  3. Todd says:

    “We know where the Church is; it is not for us to judge and say where the Church is not.”

    Well said.

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