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See How They Love One Another

Two women priests miss their appointment with Archbishop Burke. You have to love the Catholic blogosphere’s reaction. I suppose most bloggers are just frustrated they can’t catch their bishop’s ear, and here these women get invited to a meeting. But … Continue reading

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Ice, Echoes, and Amy

If the Catholic blogosphere were somehow a public gathering, I’d be tempted to run through it in a polar bear costume and yell, “I like Philip Pullman,” just for the spite of it. Instead, I get to read real books … Continue reading

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RP 21: Shortened Rite

In case of an emergency or another pastoral need, form I may be abbreviated: 21. When pastoral need dictates, the priest may omit or shorten some parts of the rite but must always retain in their entirety the penitent’s confession … Continue reading

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Getting a Saturn Tan

These “true color” images in the Saturn system are cool. The “dark” side of the rings isn’t really dark; the Saturnian ring system isn’t a solid disk. It’s made up of particles and sunlight filters through ice and around specks … Continue reading

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