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RP 23-24: Introductory Rites and Scripture

Okay, friends. Let’s talk about what Roman Catholic priests can do now that we’ve got the ordained women and the Chanukah Ham out of our system. INTRODUCTORY RITES 23. When the faithful have gathered, a suitable hymn may be sung. … Continue reading

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Um, no. This won’t work. Rod Dreher notes the post on this blog.

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What Is A Priest?

There seems to be some confusion on this point in my comboxes. One online dictionary offers a definition: 1. In many Christian churches, a member of the second grade of clergy ranking below a bishop but above a deacon and … Continue reading

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In the Eagle Nebula

This cloud of dust is gradually dispersing from the radiation blasts of baby stars in the Eagle Nebula. We should enjoy it while we can. It will only last for another millennium. This image from the Astronomy Picture of the … Continue reading

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Consolamini And Other Musical Thoughts

For some reason, my Ne Timeas post from last year has been getting small but steady traffic over the past few weeks. Concord Pastor has a number of posts up on the Immaculate Conception fro the past few days: worthy … Continue reading

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Europe By Map

The strange maps blog posted the blond/blonde map of Europe last Tuesday. What I found even more interesting were the eupedia maps, first of the majority religion: Then consider the map of the age of sexual consent: People who consider … Continue reading

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