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Cassini Image Contest ’07

The Cassini scientists are inviting the public to vote on the best of show in three categories: color still, B&W still, and movie. The CICLOPS web page has some high-res images well worth checking out.

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After the Sledding, Expedition to Enceladus

We’ve already received our message that school is cancelled tomorrow. Brittany was already asleep so I snuck in and turned off her alarm. She’ll be up early anyway, enjoying a day of reading. You can’t call it a snow day, … Continue reading

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Bible Site

Here’s an interesting-looking online resource for homilists, liturgists, Bible catechists and others: http://www.clerus.org/bibliaclerus/. In English, as well as other languages.

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RP 25-26: Homily and Examination of Conscience

A homily based on Scripture is the expectation for Form II. 25. The homily, taking as its source the scriptural text, should lead the penitents to examine their conscience and to turn away from sin and toward God. It should … Continue reading

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Small Moons: Seeds & Saucers

The Cassini web page featured a news release on some of the findings on the small moons of Saturn. Above, Janus, the moon racing out of the solar system in Alastair Reynolds’ Pushing Ice. These moons are super lightweight: floating … Continue reading

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Deification: An Ecumenical Teaching?

(This is Neil.) Again, I’m sorry about the infrequency of my posting. I was very happy to see that Todd posted about Charles Wesley, given my relative absence from the blog. I’ve been meaning to post about an interesting article … Continue reading

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