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Tales From The Early Vernacular

CNS has an interesting feature on Msgr Joseph W. James, mentor to a few key American church musicians of the sixties. Each night, the volunteers would gather for Mass before dinner. After the first evening of what Ray Repp remembers … Continue reading

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RP 32: Form III, The Role of the Bishop

Much of this responsibility has been usurped by Rome: curia and Pope John Paul II: 32. It belongs exclusively to the local Ordinary, after consultation with other members of the conference of bishops, to make the judgment on whether the … Continue reading

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CDF’s Note On Evangelization

The Catholic blogs are atwitter about it. Or they’re atwitter about the summary they can easily cut and paste onto their web pages. The Bishops of England and Wales have the full document in pdf, if you care to read. … Continue reading

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“Mittens” In The Rings

After the Voyager encounters with Saturn in the early 80’s, the scientific consensus was that Saturn’s ring system was largely a transient phenomenon. Maybe a hundred million years old, and probably the result of a comet-satellite collision. The sense was … Continue reading

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Mass After the Curtain Call

The end of New York City’s stagehands’ strike also saw the return of a theatre district tradition. After many years, Father Richard Baker revived the Saturday 11PM at St Malachy’s Church. This Mass is aimed to serve actors, stage crews … Continue reading

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RP 31: Form III, General Absolution

Liturgists refer to it as “Form III.” It’s popularly known as “General Absolution,” but the full title of this form is “RITE FOR RECONCILIATION OF PENITENTS WITH GENERAL CONFESSION AND ABSOLUTION”  First, the Church reiterates its teaching on “complete” confession: … Continue reading

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Mexican Christmas at the Vatican

Zenit reports on the holiday festivities at the Vatican. The Mexican nativity is scheduled to be in place in Paul VI Hall from 19 December through 2 February. My Lutheran sister’s calendar is off from this: her Christmas deco goes … Continue reading

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Within Limits, Defining Anglicans

Interesting talk on the thread below in which I criticized the not-so-closed cafeteria on the matter of defining Anglicans as Protestants. It’s always a danger to allude to one’s own experience, but since the rest of St Blog’s doesn’t appear … Continue reading

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