Maria Schneider

My friend Joe and I were accompanying our parish children’s choir (under his wife’s direction) at their Union Station gig on Saturday. Before the singing started we got into a discussion about Maria Schneider. I had read that she picked up two Grammy nominations the other week. Joe has all her cd’s except the latest.

Here’s what one reviewer said about it:

Maria Schneider tells stories in music as well as great novelists tell them in words. On her new album, Sky Blue, she puts together stories that speak with the clarity of Ernest Hemingway and the musical grace of Aaron Copland. It is touching without ever lapsing into tawdry sentiment. Accomplishing that in emotion is a feat. Doing it in music is a masterpiece. As is this album.

I have a vague memory of some of her work as a grad student when I attended jazz concerts at the Eastman School in the 80’s. Women jazz composers were rare enough and the name stuck in my mind.

Anyway, “Cerulean Skies” is one of her compositions you can hear on her site, and well worth a listen if you have 23 minutes.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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