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Joy in the Blogosphere

There’s nothing like a little misreading of a prelate to get the holiday internet juices flowing. Well, maybe quite a lot of misreading. The Archbishop of Canterbury raises doubts about the Gospel According to Hallmark, gets misquoted in the media, … Continue reading

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RP 38-40: Adaptations

The final section of the introduction to the Rite of Penance details “Adaptations of the Rite to Various Regions and Circumstances” First, some adaptations are within the purview of national conferences, upon confirmation of Rome: 38. In preparing particular rituals, … Continue reading

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“Is it rational to celebrate Communion?”: Liturgy as Drama

(This is Neil.) Is it rational to celebrate the Liturgy? Most of us, I think, would answer positively, flinching from the suggestion that liturgical action is irrational. But what sort of rationality would this be? The Anglican priest and theologian … Continue reading

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