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RP 41-42, 67-71: Form I, Reception of the Penitent

I thought we’d look at the various rites of Penance in detail. I don’t think the options are as deeply plumbed as they are in Marriage, so there may be a surprise or two for penitent, confessor, or liturgist. The … Continue reading

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Harry Forbes Defends, Plus Compass Fallout

The Catholic News Hub links to the Diocese of Bridgeport’s piece on the USCCB reviewer whom many Catholics felt was not foam-mouthed enough about that movie. Forbes is right on many points, including one: many of his attackers did not … Continue reading

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Schedule on the Cusp

That’s the liturgical cusp between Advent and Christmas. Concord Pastor comments on his ten liturgies in sixty-seven hours. Many musicians and liturgists had no less a demanding time the past few days. My organist, Elisabeth had five Advent Masses on … Continue reading

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Mars-Crosser Will Miss

A thirty-thousand mile miss is the concensus from astronomers now. Last week, 2007WD5 was given a three percent chance of hitting Mars and digging out a crater about as big as this Arizona one on the left. Whenever a rock … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Lay Gestures During Mass

I see Zenit’s liturgy guru, Father Edward McNamara, has responded to a question about gestures: For example, during Eucharistic Prayer 1, I bow my head at the words “Almighty God, we pray that your angel may take this sacrifice to … Continue reading

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Strong Daughters

Headlines like this always catch my eye. A good dad needs all the information he can gather. My wife discredits the notion of parent-as-friend, but I like this emphasis on father as ally: I think that one of the reasons … Continue reading

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