Cathedrals of California

My friend Eric began a project a few months ago, Cathedrals of California, and it includes some remarkable photography from his collaborator, Francesco Curá. As I was cleaning up e-mails this morning, I found his missive, sadly neglected (sorry, Eric!) so I’ve added his site on the blogroll, too.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Cathedrals of California

  1. Thanks Todd, it is a good site. Deacon Stoltz did a nice job on design (he really can be a good designer) and the photos are nifty.

    But I still am trying to find an explanation for the LA Archdiocese site. Three separate menus, one of which floats depending on whether you are on the home page. The elements of the site are very good indeed, but when people find out that I have done web work they often pick out that site to complain about. It has lots of great content, updated regularly. But people tell me that they can’t figure out what is there and how to get to it. Its not that it lacks navigation — it may have too much.

  2. Deacon Eric says:

    Hi Claude,

    Thanks for your kind remarks on the Cathedrals of California site.

    As for the Archdiocesan site, as you can imagine some of the navigation decisions were impacted by political considerations. However, I am open to specific suggestions for improving what can be changed, and am currently collecting issues for a set of revisions. I do hear some say “it’s hard to find stuff,” but that’s not specific enough to be actionable — and with some 2,500 pages of information, some people will have to drill down a bit to find some info. So any identification of specific issues would be most appreciated! Feel free to email me.

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