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The Hermeneutic of Obstruction: Roots In Fear

The usual suspects are fisking the NCR liturgy editorial which takes aim at the hermeneutic of obstruction. I think Fr Fox and others have missed the editorial’s point. NCR is concerned with a bigger picture, not just the conciliar theology … Continue reading

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RP 44: Confession

Form I continues with “CONFESSION OF SINS AND ACCEPTANCE OF SATISFACTION” 44. Where it is the custom, the penitent says a general formula for confession (for example, I confess to almighty God … ) before (she or) he confesses (her … Continue reading

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Taking Care With Creches

Thom at Ad Donimum provides some advice for … er, next year: When sprinkling with Holy Water, please take due care to not sprinkle the bulb of the wee spotlight that shines on the Nativity in the Sanctuary. The bulb … Continue reading

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