Taking Care With Creches

Thom at Ad Donimum provides some advice for … er, next year:

When sprinkling with Holy Water, please take due care to not sprinkle the bulb of the wee spotlight that shines on the Nativity in the Sanctuary. The bulb will pop and scare those of us in the second row.

I was thinking back with a smile to the first ordained Christmas for my friend Fr Tom, ten years ago. He opted for the “smells-n-smoke” approach when blessing the creche and knocked Saint Joseph for a loop.

Mary Kay, who’s an RN and also co-chaired the “Christmas Committee,” got a medical billing form from her hospital and left it on our associate’s desk. We also bandaged Joseph’s head with gauze, but a little red stain still showed.

Hospital bill for manger mishap: $17,321.86.

Christmas with a new priest (who possessed a good sense of humor): priceless.

Just remember: however you bless those church nativity scenes, be careful.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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