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A More Searching Look at “Affirmative Orthodoxy”

John Allen offers up an essay on Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, a leader trying to redefine Catholic “apology” in terms of the positive. Let the journalist explain: By “affirmative orthodoxy,” I mean a tenacious defense of the core elements … Continue reading

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Poverty of Vocations: Bishops

Rock muses on shifting vacancies in the American episcopate. I still find this bit of politicking more interesting than the bland sameness of the two-party system, or the two-team NCAA football playoff: While a good bit of attention has been … Continue reading

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Sagittarius: Your New Year’s Sun Sign, But Not Mine

In astrology, the sun sign rules. Presumably, it is the constellation in which the sun was found on one’s day of birth. But traditional astrology has never benefitted from something like a church council, which would resolve the problem of … Continue reading

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