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RP 51-53 Form II (or III): Liturgy of the Word

Let’s continue with the rubrics and suggestions for the “CELEBRATION OF THE WORD OF GOD.” #51 gives two examples of Liturgies of the Word, with the full three readings, psalm and alleluia verse. On occasion do I find form II … Continue reading

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From The Earth To The Moon

Over the Christmas holidays I finally had the chance to view the whole mini-series From The Earth To The Moon. Anita and Brittany gave it to me for my birthday last month. Several years ago I saw four or five … Continue reading

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A Trip To Caloris

NASA’s Messenger probe is set for its first close-up look at the smallest planet Monday. Mission scientists are excited about the first return to Mercury since Mariner 10’s last of three fly-bys in the mid-70’s. One prime target is imaging … Continue reading

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Mahrt on Chant … Or Is It?

Friend and frequent guest Jimmy Mac sent me this link from California Catholic Daily on chant scholar William Mahrt. (First quote not his.) “Sometimes we were treated like a lunatic fringe. A lot thought we were not very ‘with it’ … Continue reading

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Hummes “Stole” The Idea

Cardinal Hummes’ idea to pray wasn’t an original. An American suggested it six years ago, according to this CNS News Hub link: Archbishop Foley’s idea didn’t go anywhere at the time. Or at least it didn’t seem to — the … Continue reading

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Scattering Ashes

It’s not a choice in the US edition of the Rite of Christian Funerals, but the Italian bishops are permitting the option in the newest translation of the funeral rites.

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Pope on Coin

The Perth Mint in Australia is offering limited edition proof coins commemorating Pope Benedict’s visit for WYD 2008. Options include one of 1,000 in gold or one of 25,000 in silver. Vatican approved images, never fear.

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RP 50: Communal Opening Prayer

The opening prayer for the rite of penance. Note that after a brief introduction, the prayer is sung or said. 50. The priest invites all to pray, using these or similar words: Brothers and sisters, God calls us to conversion; … Continue reading

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Pell On Climate

Discussions here led me to a general criticism of Cardinal Pell’s views on climate change, briefly documented here. I was critical Monday of Pell’s suggestion that the furor over climate change constitutes some kind of new religion. I made my … Continue reading

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