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War On Deadbeats

Interesting news that after they caved to the pressure from the Bushies on wiretaps to do their bit for the War on Terror, now the telecoms are pulling the plug on the FBI for not paying their bills. This just … Continue reading

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Camp Memories

Memories for the daughter, new pics for dad and mom to browse. Brittany’s summer camp posted images of the campers and helpers, including this one of our always-stylish and trend-setting daughter with two caps posing with her cabin group: Final … Continue reading

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Now Starring in Centerfield … Pope Benedict XVI

If you’re celebrating liturgy with the Pope in DC this April, you’ll see something along these lines. The altar is to be set up in centerfield, permitting thousands more worshippers into the Mass. Do you think this event will be … Continue reading

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RP 55: Individual Confession and Absolution

Part two of form II’s Rite of Reconciliation is the actual confession and absolution: 55. Then the penitents go to the priests designated for individual confession, and confess their sins. Each one re¬≠ceives and accepts a fitting act of satisfaction … Continue reading

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Pope Appoints A Green Darwin

Professor Ignacio Rodr√≠guez-Iturbe of Princeton, Pope Benedict’s new appointee to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, speaks on some topics of some slight controversy. Climate change: From a scientific point of view, there is overwhelming evidence of serious anthropogenic impact related … Continue reading

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Motumania: Death By a Thousand Cuts

Great image. John Allen floated the Good Friday Prayer for Jews issue the other day. How significant is it? Allen rightly reminds us that since ’84 the indult has permitted some Catholics to pray this every year since without denting … Continue reading

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RP 54: General Confession

Let’s ride the Rite of Penance to the finish line, shall we? Over the weekend, I’ll conclude our examination of the instructions and rubrics connected to the sacrament that causes the most handwringing in Catholicism. Form II (or III) has … Continue reading

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Outdoor Baptisms, Eastern (and Northern) Style

The Concord Pastor posted on a Canadian Eastern Rite parish that has cut a cruciform opening into river ice. The image at left here concerns me. The boy is only in the ice water (still warmer than 32F) for just … Continue reading

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Yellow Ice

The Cassini web page posted this image of Epimetheus, one of the small inner moons of Saturn. How small? 72 miles across covers Hawaii’s big island, but those craters aren’t volcanic. They’re all impact origin, with a little shaking and … Continue reading

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