War On Deadbeats

Interesting news that after they caved to the pressure from the Bushies on wiretaps to do their bit for the War on Terror, now the telecoms are pulling the plug on the FBI for not paying their bills.

This just slays me. If I thought Cheney was smart enough, I’d say this is some kind of weird rope-a-dope to lull the Enemies of War Prof–I mean Freedom into thinking the US government is totally incompetent.

The conservative legacy of the 21st century: lost wiretaps, unpaid bills, governance by the seat of the pants. No wonder the party is imploding. No worries, though. The Dems are sure to screw up having a one-party government handed to them in 2009.

Lest you think this is a national phenomenon, our own boy gov looks to get his legal head handed to him by the time this mess with a fellow republican is settled. Mr Blunt doesn’t like to be told he shouldn’t delete government records, so he fires one of his own lawyers then smears his reputation.

Ex-legal counsel isn’t impressed:

I don’t need an apology from a guy I don’t even respect anymore. I need a public retraction from the guy who made the allegations, and I’ll get it either from this administration or from a court of law.

Republicans: thinking they’re above the law since 2000.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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