RP 57: Concluding Prayer of Thanksgiving

mary-the-penitent.jpgThis fourth part of the Reconciliation Rite strikes me as a prayer somewhat more developed than the usual collect, but clearly not as elaborate as either an anaphora, or blessing of baptismal water. Other examples given in the Rite of Penance are shorter, but this is the first choice:


57. After the song of praise or the litany, the priest con­cludes the common prayer:

Almighty and merciful God, how wonderfully you created man and still more wonderfully remade him. You do not abandon the sinner but seek him out with a father’s love. You sent your Son into the world to destroy sin and death by his passion, and to restore life and joy by his resurrection. You sent the Holy Spirit into our hearts to make us your children and heirs of your kingdom. You constantly renew our spirit in the sacraments of your redeeming love, freeing us from slavery to sin and transforming us ever more closely into the likeness of your beloved Son. We thank you for the wonders of your mercy, and with heart and hand and voice we join with the whole Church in a new song of praise: Glory to you through Christ in the Holy Spirit, now and for ever.

R. Amen.

Does it remind you of a preface? I thought so: the brief recollection of God’s deeds, the two mentions of the Trinity.

This post concludes our close look at the Rite of Reconciliation. I’m interested to hear from clergy and liturgists. Do you find this too cluttered or word-heavy, especially those who choose to omit some of these items?

For the record, RP 58 & 59 treat the final blessing. I’ll skip these and get to General Absolution in the next post. For that, you’ll need to wait till tomorrow.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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