Gregory on Preaching and “Blogspots”

The Atlanta archbishop, that is, not the saint. CNS had a longer feature taking clips from Wilton Gregory’s lecture on preaching in a multi-cultural Church this past Sunday at the Pontifical North American College.

This clip seems appropriate for our context:

He said priests, as ambassadors of Christ, need to present themselves as “sources of wisdom” and truth, which is often difficult in a culture in which people “are much more likely to go to Oprah or Dr. Phil or a blogspot” for words of wisdom.


Don’t treat the culture with kid gloves, either:

A preacher also should challenge the un-Christian aspects of another person’s culture, he said. “All cultures are in need of the conversion that only the truth of Christ offers,” especially if those cultures sanction violence, diminish women, or put money or power above people, he said. A serious critique of such injustices is needed, he said, and “preachers must let the Gospel speak its word directly and pointedly, like the two-edged sword that it has always been.”

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  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    I wonder if that pectoral cross is considered to be ordinary, extraordinary or oopsy-daisy?

    A tasteful rainbow flag motif would be nice.

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