Vivaldi on Mercury

The convention for naming craters on the planet Mercury: artists, musicians, authors, painters. This image taken from 11,000 miles shows a square area about 300 miles across. At the upper right is the double-ringed crater Vivaldi. The inner ring is that broken circle within a darker area.

Naming conventions for astronomy are interesting. I remember one sf book that described a gas giant planet called Arthur orbited by two large moons, Guinevere and Lancelot. Another book by Roger MacBride Allen had characters from the planet Kennedy. I don’t recall if it had cities named Hyannisport, or moons called Ted, Bobby and Jackie.
Suppose Catholics had a planet or even a star system to call their own. What objects would you designate to be named after theologians, bishops, famous shrines, etc.? Mountains, rivers, seas, moons, or the like?

More artists and other features will be discovered and named as Messenger will eventually achieve Mercury orbit in 2011. This chart below illustrates the repeated passes of Mercury and the eventually orbit insertion. The shading of color from blue to red shows the progression of orbits:

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