RBC 15-17: The Full Rite, Reception, and Word

With the following sections, the RBC Introduction looks at the rite itself. Ordinarily, the whole rite is celebrated; no shortcuts:

15. Baptism, whether for one child, or for several, or even for a larger number, should be celebrated by the ordinary minister and with the full rite when there is no immediate danger of death.

Two bases to cover in the reception of the children: the intent of baptism, and the signing of the forehead:

16. The rite begins with the reception of the children. This is to indicate the desire of the parents and godparents, as well as the intention of the Church, concerning the celebration of the sacrament of baptism. These purposes are expressed in action when the parents and the celebrant trace the sign of the cross on the foreheads of the children.

Rarely I’ve seen more than one reading. The homily seems omitted as often as done in brief. The ritual intends a transition from word to sacrament:

17. Then the liturgy of the word is directed toward stirring up the faith of the parents, godparents, and congregation and toward praying in common for the fruits of baptism before the sacrament itself. This part of the celebration consists of the reading of one or more passages from holy Scripture; a homily, followed by a period of silence; the general intercessions, with its concluding prayer, drawn up in the style of an exorcism, to introduce either the anointing with the oil of catechumens or the laying on of hands.

From clergy, any thoughts on celebrating the reception and the Word? From parents or others, any experiences with this part of the rite?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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