Frog or Lizard?

Having fun at the special student appreciation Catholic Schools Week lunch today.

The parish staff volunteered to serve pancakes, sausage, and juice for the kids. First shift, I put out the juice and asked them, “Regular of decaf?”

Then I was shifted over to the sausage table where I asked them, “Frog or lizard?”

Lots of blank and surprised stares. Some went along smoothly with it. “Do you have any squirrel?”

“Sorry, kid; no mammals today.”

A few kids asked, “What’s the difference?”

To which I replied, “One’s a reptile, the other’s an amphibian. You’re in middle school; you should know that.”

My friend Jennifer who arranged this guest appearance was warning off the little kids, saying they were really plain sausages. To that I said she was just jealous because more kids wanted my frog sausage than her lizard sausage.

The school principal fretted that she was going to get some calls tonight or tomorrow. “My child says that Mr. Flowerday served frog sausage for lunch yesterday.”

That was probably the boy who replied, “Sweet!” when I told him his choices and asked if he could have an extra.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Frog or Lizard?

  1. Katherine says:

    Squirrel is high in cholesterol.

    I would have thought that amphibian, being highly water-based, would have mostly boiled away during the sausage-making process, leaving little behind for a sausage… ;-)

    Now, for the reptile… I’m surprised no one noticed that their sausage tasted like chicken! ;-)

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