Searching for Real Journalism

Father William Grimm, editor-in-chief of Katorikku Shimbun penned an editorial published by UCA, the Asian Catholic news agency on the need for serious journalism in Catholic media outlets. Grimm noted an example of a diocesan organ (I don’t think the term newspaper would apply.) that featured eleven pictures of the bishop in the first nine pages.

He also mentioned that the unfortunate state of Japanese journalism may turn around with the establishment of that nation’s first journalism school at Waseda University. Why not the same for Catholicism?

(I)f the Church is incapable or unwilling to report on its life and activities with transparency, others will step in. However, leaving honest reporting of the Church to outside media leaves us open to misunderstanding and even sensationalism. It is hard to refute charges of “cover-up” when, in fact, Catholic journalism either consciously or inadvertently fails to present a full picture of the Church, “warts and all.”

We need a trustworthy professional Catholic journalism in order to present the true face of the Church to the world and each other.

Being trustworthy means having a commitment to the truth rather than to looking good. If Church media are seen as PR rather than journalism, others will not believe us when we actually have good news — as well as the Good News — to convey, nor will they look to us for information and insight.

Perhaps the Church needs for one of the pontifical universities in Rome to announce that it is introducing a graduate school of journalism just like Waseda’s, and for the same reasons.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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