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Papal Visit Knocks Out Our Confirmation

Our bishop won’t be on hand for the scheduled parish Confirmation at 3PM on April 20th. He’ll be at Yankee Stadium instead, according to the itinerary of Pope Benedict’s visit. We should get another date from the bishop’s office soon. … Continue reading

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Candidates For Astronomy Surprises

The small moons of the outer solar system were once posited to be boring, lifeless, cratered ice balls. Barely worth scientific consideration … unless counting craters was your thing. Gerard Kuiper found an atmosphere on the moon Titan back in … Continue reading

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DMC 4-5

Some useful perspectives, including the notion that the DMC is a supplement to the GIRM: 4. All the details of Eucharistic celebration with a congregation were determined in the General Instruction of the revised Roman Missal published in 1969. Then … Continue reading

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