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The W Legacy

Should I get more political? It seems as if everyone else is. Even though they won’t give me a voice in the choice for Vice President, I’m starting to feel invigorated. The self-destruction of conservative Republicans. Though the Democrats seem … Continue reading

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We got this alert from the chancery a few days ago. As outlandish as it might strike you, it has come to our attention that some musicians/technicians are arriving at area churches asking to “see how your organ is playing.”  … Continue reading

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Seeing One’s Child

Have other parents had this experience? About an hour ago, my wife and I found a few photos of our daughter from the first day of kindergarten. That was more than five years ago. Brittany’s ears are level with my … Continue reading

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Shaw on Our “Village”

Rod Dreher is one of the more thoughtful conservatives out there. He has a good set of posts today on various topics, but the one that most caught my eye included a link to a conservative almost as sensible, and … Continue reading

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