The W Legacy

Should I get more political? It seems as if everyone else is. Even though they won’t give me a voice in the choice for Vice President, I’m starting to feel invigorated. The self-destruction of conservative Republicans. Though the Democrats seem to be split close to 50-50 on their last two candidates, the real numbers are 84-84: the percentages each candidate is acceptable to party members.

President Bush at CPAC:

This is an important election. Prosperity and peace are in the balance.


I remember the end of the Clinton presidency pretty well. Economy in good shape: check. Minor military entanglements, but no war on terror: check. It was a Reagan-like feel-good that only the Democrats could muck up. Which they did, of course.

But we had prosperity and peace. They weren’t in the balance. They were in the bank. So to speak.

Today the president concedes they are in the balance. Sounds like a concession he’s not been doing his job.

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4 Responses to The W Legacy

  1. I always love how some people defend Bush’s war on terror.

    “Well, we haven’t had any more attacks on the US.”

    Which may or may not be true. But even if true, it shows how short sighted they are. After Bin Laden sent the first attack on the Twin Towers (and failed, under the Clinton era), how many years was it before he tried again? Seems like Clinton did well with homeland security according to this line of reasoning, and only Bush mucked it up.

    Seriously, the real issue is Bin Laden is long term in his plans, and attacks won’t be done in an instant. So just because nothing has happened yet since 9-11 doesn’t mean much, just like it didn’t mean much after the first attack on the towers…

  2. Jimmy Mac says:

    We also haven’t had the bubonic plague, a host of locusts nor a splitting of the country along the Mississippi.

    Thank you, W. You are our saviour.

  3. MCNS says:

    The two previous comments are remarkably cavalier regarding the lack of any similar attacks on US soil since 9/11. Do the commenters have some inside intelligence that the rest of us in the public have not been given? Do they really know anything about threats that have or have not been averted? Or are the commenters simply smirking as they stick their heads, ostrich-like, back in the sand?

  4. MCNS says:

    Dick Cheney comments:

    “The absence of another 9/11 is not an accident — it is an achievement.”

    Given Bali, Madrid, London, and the various terrorist plots that have been foiled around the world in recent years, I think it reasonable to take the vice president at his word.

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