Motumania: Liturgical Relativism

A reader sent me the link to the WDTPRS site and a 200-plus comment thread on the second confiteor in the 1962 Missal. For all the fussing about “say the black, do the red,” this seems rather a complex issue around which for the traditionalists to wrap their birettas and mantillas.

Really, it is most imprudent to bring up disputed questions of rubrics in the 1962 missal right now! We have just had a new Good Friday prayer implemented, Summorum Pontificum has barely been in force for 4 months and there is still much great opposition to overcome.

Seems to me they said the same thing about the late 60’s weirdness. We let it go and what did it get us?

Liturgical abuses in the 1962 rite pale into insignificance compared with what happens in the Novus Ordo.

Then we get the pastoral approach:

But we need to tread lightly for fear we may be treading on souls.

Unless, of course, they dance or clown around during liturgy. In which case, it’s fire, aim, ready.

And a comment from the cassocked crowd:

As a young priest who is learning the ER I find this whole conversation rather disappointing. I already have enough bickering and garbage to deal with …  but this kind of rabid bickering is disappointing at best, God forbid I make the tiniest infraction against the reasoned preferences of the likes of many of you.

Yes, Father, God indeed help you. A whole culture of complaint has been nurtured and now it all comes out in the open. I’m sure Pope Benedict is deeply edified by this kind of bickering.

It sounds like that second confiteor is more needed before and after Mass.

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5 Responses to Motumania: Liturgical Relativism

  1. Robert says:

    The discussion is competely “ad intra” and concerns authority over the liturgy, ecclesiastical obedience and the end of the Indult “Ecclesia Dei afflicta” in favor of the provisions of the Motu Prorio “Summorum Pontificum” which are in need of clarification and direction. Why do you read Father’s blog if it disturbs your equilibrium so badly as to compel you to comment so dirisively. Maybe a fast from this forum is in order for you. “Those in glass houses…” Do keep Peace.

  2. Todd says:

    Thanks for commenting, Robert. As a rule, I don’t read WDTPRS, but I was asked for a comment on this particular post.

    I think there’s less derision than curiosity in my post. Discussions like this point out that the qualities of disobedience, infighting, a lack of charity, and the appeal for appeasement are qualities of human nature, not of a particular missal or any liturgical practice.

  3. FrMichael says:

    I like WDTPRS blog a lot but the commentators on those two threads really shot themselves in the foot with us conservative-but-not-EF-Mass-offering priests. It was highly unlikely that I would be offering the Tridentine Mass at my present parish (pastor not in favor) but that thread and a few incidents like it elsewhere certainly reduce my motivation to even learn how to say it.

  4. James says:

    Bickering or not, I still feel so much closer to heaven at an EF than at a NO.

  5. Anne says:

    A gourmet meal, preferably something Italian, paired with a perfect red wine is PURE HEAVEN…to me.

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