DMC 16: Parish Masses With Children

More often the question arises with the matter of Chapter II, “Masses With Adults in Which Children Also Participate”

In other words, what to do when significant numbers of children are numbered among the liturgical assembly:

16. In many places parish Masses are celebrated, especially on Sundays and holy days, at which a good many children take part along with the large number of adults. On such occasions the witness of adult believers can have a great effect upon the children. Adults can in turn benefit spiritually from experiencing the part that the children have within the Christian community. The Christian spirit of the family is greatly fostered when children take part in these Masses together with their parents and other family members.

So children and adults have a mutually positive effect on one another: I can see that clearly. Liturgy is also supportive of the family effort: a much better positive approach than the harping on the supposed negative values associated with homosexuals and other scapegoated folks.

Infants who as yet are unable or unwilling to take part in the Mass may be brought in at the end of Mass to be blessed together with the rest of the community. This may be done, for example, if parish helpers have been taking care of them in separate areas.

I know many parishes with nursery service offered during Mass. None in my experience have ever encouraged this kind of blessing. Any in yours?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to DMC 16: Parish Masses With Children

  1. Paula Roberto says:

    I am a mother of 3 kids (she’s 3,5 and 7)

    I am looking for a church, where the mass IS for the kids.
    Do you know of any??
    I am tired of masses with “babysitting services”or crying rooms….
    I am bringing my kids to church for them to get closer to God, they are either sent to a room to color with crayons for 20 minutes, or they stay eith me, and u just get mad at them for not paying attention.
    I stopped enjoying mass and frustrates me.

     any suggestions???

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