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St Gregory The Illuminator

A confluence … I ran across this Zenit piece on Pope Benedict dedicating the north patio at St Peter’s Basilica to the saint who brought Christianity to his Armenian people. A few days ago my wife’s Valentine present finally arrived … Continue reading

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Christians, Jews, and Psalm 1

(This is Neil.) As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting all that much, in part because it is Lent. But I’d like to begin looking at the Psalms. Here, drawing on a recent article by the Anglican theologian … Continue reading

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Examining Continuity

In yesterday’s discussion on altar candlesticks, Fr Brendan suggested some old liturgical practices are part of “the so called hermeneutic of continuity; a catch phrase used to justify the re-introduction of all sorts of pre-Vatican II excesses.” You can’t deny … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t About The Hydrazine

Even with Robert Gates “pulling the trigger,” it wasn’t about the tank of hydrazine, a health hazard only if it hit the ground intact. There’s no way a fuel tank built for Earth orbit is going to survive an atmospheric … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Long Gospel Readings

So, put yourself in the purple chair once again. The first of four weekends of long gospel readings is upon us. What do you do? Use the shortened versions? Let the people sit down? Do something that swerves from the … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Candles on the Altar

I’m not completely sure what to make of the latest liturgical fad: candlesticks on the main altar. Sometimes two, but usually six. Sometimes, as in this image, it strikes me as an attempted iconostasis. Sometimes, the arrangements just seem to … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #42

Chris Lintott hosts the 42nd Carnival this week, pointing out my “Tethys as Jan Brady” post along with Emily’s great piece on Saturn’s moons on the planetary society’s blog. Emily even has poor Tethys in Jan’s screen position in her … Continue reading

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Take It From Archie

Kevin Clarke from US Catholic’s blog Margin Notes gets a little help from Archie Bunker to make some sense of the American indulgence for firearms. Did I write “making sense?”  Must be sicker than I thought. It’s hard to sympathize … Continue reading

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Stay Healthy, If You Can

This was the first year I had a flu shot. I don’t know if the past four days would have been worse without it. Tonight is the first time since Saturday I’ve felt close to normal. My wife is on … Continue reading

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St Mary’s Academy, recently in the news for pulling the plug on a woman referee for a boys’ basketball game, sets the record straight with a press release: It was falsely alleged and widely reported that the decision of St. … Continue reading

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By The Light of The Shadowy Moon

It’s total lunar eclipse time tomorrow night. (Thursday morning for Europe and eastern Africa.) Gregg Dindermann of Sky & Telescope produced this map (left) for their web site’s informative article. From my home, the full moon will be engulfed by … Continue reading

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Giving Up

I see this news bit from CNS on the Mexican bishops asking drug dealers to give up violence for Lent. I wonder how effective the request will be. If it doesn’t work this year, I vote for interdict in Lent … Continue reading

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Look At Tethys

Tethys is a cool little moon. With all the excitement (and water) generated from Enceladus, plus the mysteries of Titan, it doesn’t get much attention. It’s sort of the Jan Brady of the Saturnian system. Of the planet’s nine major … Continue reading

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The Impossible Concertos

Before last night’s symphony concert, we listened to another Tchaikovsky concerto number one, this one for piano. I was reading through the liner notes and telling the women it was first considered “unplayable.” Over the past five years, I’ve grown … Continue reading

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DMC 9: Human Values

The previous section and this are most often quoted as among the highlights of the Directory for Masses With Children. Where DMC 8 dealt with the spiritual and liturgical principle of the Paschal Mystery (Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection) today’s post … Continue reading

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