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DMC 17: More on Children at Parish Masses

In mainstream parish Masses, it is recommended that the priest should address children present. I’ve only ever known one priest who did this consistently: 17. Nevertheless, in Masses of this kind it is necessary to take great care that the … Continue reading

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CRS “Baptisms” and the CDF Pastoral Impact

I’m feeling really tired. I was hoping to avoid this issue for a few days. When the actual document is published, it will be worth a read. Anyway, CNS has the story with select questions and answers. dotCommonweal has threads … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Health Warnings

A physician parishioner expressed concern about liturgical practices during the flu outbreak. Our priest-in-residence proposed the following text for Mass this weekend: Due to the outbreak of flu the medical profession has asked us to alert parishioners to the dangers … Continue reading

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Lacking Imagination and Confidence

William Mahrt’s lengthy review of Sing to the Lord is online at Musica Sacra. There’s a lot to digest in it. Like many reform2 musicians, Mahrt seems disappointed that the Right’s favored method of “fire, aim, ready” wasn’t applied by … Continue reading

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