DMC 25-26: Place & Time For Mass

Other commentators have suggested there are a few curious prescriptions ahead, including the notion that a church might not be totally suitable for the celebration of Mass with children. My own sense is that churches should be made to be hospitable. That should be a priority.

25. The primary place for the eucharistic celebration for children is the church. Within the church, however, a space should be carefully chosen, if available, that will be suited to the number of participants. It should be a place where the children can act with a feeling of ease according to the requirements of a living liturgy that is suited to their age.

If the church does not satisfy these demands, it will sometimes be suitable to celebrate the eucharist with children outside a place of worship. But in that case the place chosen should be appropriate and worthy of celebration. [See GIRM 253.]

DMC 26 presents a sensible thought about time. Most parish schools have Mass early in the morning. One place I served had mid-morning Masses, but funerals would bump them on occasion. That’s a worse situation.

26. The time of day chosen for Masses with children should correspond to the circumstances of their lives so that they may be most open to hearing the word of God and to celebrate the eucharist.

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