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DMC 35-36: Visual Elements

Even before the modern video culture took root, DMC recognized the value of what a child sees at Mass: 35. The liturgy of the Mass contains many visual elements and these should be given great prominence with children. This is … Continue reading

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Tom’s World

Few skewer with such accuracy as this. Republicans gone wild: if it didn’t cost so much, it would be on late night tv infomercials. Republicans of years gone by at least had principles, even if it required a one-legged stand. … Continue reading

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Martian Avalanche

Did you catch this HiRISE image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter last week? As the spring thaw at the north polar cap destabilized some soil on a half-mile cliff face, MRO took in the action. This is the featured image … Continue reading

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Cassini To Taste The Ice

This diagram shows tomorrow’s planned fly-by of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The NASA press release gives more details. In short, Cassini will pass 30 miles over the moon’s surface. Particle analyzers will “taste” the outer regions of the polar plumes. Scientists … Continue reading

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