DMC 35-36: Visual Elements

Even before the modern video culture took root, DMC recognized the value of what a child sees at Mass:

35. The liturgy of the Mass contains many visual elements and these should be given great prominence with children. This is especially true of the particular visual elements in the course of the liturgical year, for example, the veneration of the cross, the Easter candle, the lights on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, and the variety of colors and liturgical appointments.

In addition to the visual elements that belong to the celebration and to the place of celebration, it is appropriate to introduce other elements that will permit children to perceive visually the wonderful works of God in creation and redemption and thus support their prayer. The liturgy should never appear as something dry and merely intellectual.

Any suggestions from the commentariat on what these could or should be?

36. For the same reason, the use of art work prepared by the children themselves may be useful, for example, as illustrations of a homily, as visual expressions of the intentions of the general intercessions, or as inspirations to reflection.

This is an excellent idea. Several years ago, I had a fourth grade class design an eight by thirty-two foot banner. Each child colored in a 2-ft by 2-ft panel and we assembled it for the parish celebration of Thanksgiving as well as the pre-Thanksgiving school Mass.

I would also value the discernment of true artists among a student body.

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