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DMC 37: Silence

It’s really an urban legend that Vatican II and its emphasis on participation neglects the interior. Also in the status of “legend” or “myth” is the notion that progressive liturgists demur on the issue of silence. 37. Even in Masses … Continue reading

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Connecting Kenosis and Stewardship

On our parish staff’s blog this week, my offering on this weekend’s second reading. My staff colleagues and I will be posting a few more times in the coming week. Stop by to read, if you please.

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Standing Alone

A local print media piece on women standing by their political men when scandal hits. I’d like to advocate separate press conferences. Somewhere I read yesterday its all a PR ploy to keep the reporters from asking tough questions. The … Continue reading

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Psalm 38

Let’s resurrect last year’s series on the Penitential Psalms. I welcome the learned comments of Neil or any others who wish to add to this brief essay. The third of these psalms, the 38th, is an individual lament for healing. … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Jeremiah 31:31-32a, 33-34a

At first glance, the post-exilic renewal of covenant seems to be an unusual choice for the wedding lectionary. This passage is part of Jeremiah’s “book of consolation,” taking up the 30th and 31st chapters.   The days are coming, says … Continue reading

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