Qatar’s Our Lady of the Rosary Church

The new Catholic Church in Qatar, that nation’s first, was getting a lot of media attention for the grumbling in Qatar, and the fact that Catholics there will emerge from their garages and basements. What do you think of the design as seen in these AP images?

This was the church when under construction:

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15 Responses to Qatar’s Our Lady of the Rosary Church

  1. Jeff Pinyan says:

    … Catholics there will emerge from their garages and basements. What do you think of the design as seen in these AP images?

    It has a bit of the “garage and basement” feel to it, I think. The way the walls are painted makes it look like it’s half-done, waiting to be touched up. It doesn’t look like it evokes any emotion; it looks plain and staid. It looks like a variant on the Fatima church. No kneelers either, and that floor doesn’t look comfortable for kneeling. Can’t see where the tabernacle is (hidden), which is a shame because the altar isn’t sticking out into the assembly, it’s in the apse.

    Sorry for being so negative — I’m sure it’s refreshing for the Catholics who are there to have a church to go to — but it just seems to be all function, no form.

  2. jennifer says:

    Caught this headline off Clarity’s. My name is Jennifer. My husband is deployed to Qatar (he’ll be back soon) he sent me this link that has info on the liturgy



    (I like it better than my home parish! the walls aren’t white! I can see some angels subtly painted in with a gold type paint someday and perhaps a suspended large crucifix – there really is a lot of room to do more unlike where I am – just alot of white walls and a goofy statue of Mary – forgive me mother, I like better designs but if it works for the parishioners so be it, at least they got rid of the flannel wierd stuff that made me cry — and no where to move the tabernacle to, so it stays behind the reredo which is a wall no one can see through.)

  3. Gavin says:

    Actually I like the style, but agree with Jennifer that it needs a lot more decoration. I was thinking the same thing about angels. It also looks like it could adapt well to ad orientem worship, if one were so inclined. I’m not sure where the choir is supposed to go, but if you say they’re just emerging as a church body, I suppose it makes sense to start with the building and add the other trappings of the liturgy as they can. Also I’d be interested to see how the building does or doesn’t fit in with the surroundings. All in all, a great church.

  4. Rob F. says:

    Looks pretty conventional, a lot like my parish. Nothing to get excited about. Except for the chairs instead of pews. I have two toddlers. I prefer pews.

  5. To: Qatar, Our Lady of the Rosary Church
    Peace / Love / Joy
    ACTS 1:8

    Through our Catholic Church, help me to reach out the ohter Churches in Qatar and the Middle East.

    An ‘INTER FAITH’ Healing Ministry W/out Borders:

    Contact us…
    In His Service,
    ronnie l. macaisa, nj,usa
    1 PETER 5 / ROM 9

  6. Jimmy Mac says:

    I’m sure that the people who, for the first time, have an actual church building to use, don’t give too hoots about such subjective, nit-picking criticisms that I have heard here so far. We should rejoice and celebrate with them. There are many parts of the world in which, by choice or by default, don’t resemble our very own little Our Lady of Perpetual Indulgence eurocentric parish church. This is a universal church, folks. Unity in essentials. Or, as was put by the last truly great pope: “Notice everything. Overlook much. Improve a little.”
    (John XXIII)

  7. Rob F. says:

    Jimmy Mac,

    You’ll have to explain to me what exactly is the point of a liturgy blog if it cannot be a forum to comment on the liturgy and related topics, like architecture.

  8. Tony Neria says:

    The beams all coming from the edge of the ceiling converging towards the light above the altar remind me of heaven.

    I have to wonder what type of music would be heard at a Catholic mass in Qatar? The traditional music of the Middle East isn’t based on our western scale modes so i would think it would be harsh to their ears.

  9. I am some combination of amused and fascinated that Jimmy Mac is certain (“I’m sure that…”) about what the folks whose church this want and think. But then again, for all I know, he takes part in this blog from somewhere on the Arabian peninsula. In any case, I can’t begin to know what those folks think or want, and indeed, it may be they are simply happy “for the first time, [to] have an actual church building to use…”

    But it’s also possible that they have very definite opinions about the design of their church, and even possible–gasp!–their wishes are for things like a tabernacle centrally located, pews and kneelers, and representational art. I have no idea; but if they do have such silly notions, perhaps–if Jimmie Mac is in the neighborhood, he can help save them from “Eurocentrism”?

  10. Jimmy Mac says:

    You have a right to comment all you want. Just don’t expect the church community that is the potential recipient of your comments to actually care what you say.

    Remember that this is a CATHOLIC church, not a European/American/Tridentine/Whatever church. Its universality is one of its truly redeeming aspects.

  11. ruth says:

    where exactly in Qatar is this located? How do I get there from al Hilal?

  12. Fr. J. says:

    May God save us from the fan shaped church. It was barely forgiveable in the 60’s. Have we learned nothing since then?

  13. George Nagy says:

    I was in Doha both in 2006 and in 2008. The Our Lady of the Rosary parish provides a real Christian family feeling for all the believers going there. Believe me it is a great step forward to have this magnificent church and all the related facilities (which I could visit already in 2008) instead of the preliminary barrack style former one close to Hotel Marriott in 2006 and before.
    And the decoration is so fine all around!!! You can realize all the main steps of our Lady’s life in connection with her Son – these are not visible on the above pictures. If anybody interested, I have some own pictures taken there. And there is a separate chapel for the Eucharist and adoration etc…

    The only disadvantage for the new site is that it can be reached only by car or taxi (chances to get a taxi backwards quite low!), although I guess some day the bus will reach it, too.

    And this huge church is full for all the Masses held in so many languages!

    Please note the fact, that the windows in the apsis are from a French church, which was demolished because of being neglected by local believers…and compare to the fact that this church here is any time full to capacity.



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