Banner at Church

Our narthex, to be exact. Came in this morning for 7:30 Mass, and what did I find over the display of palms and red cloth?

stpstm-on-ps.jpg “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

I knew an Irish-origin priest who once abrogated the purple altar cloths and vestments of the 4th Sunday of Lent for green on the 17th.

There was a young man coming into church this morning in a Green Bay Packer jersey. I thought his fistful of palms blended well.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to Banner at Church

  1. Jeff Pinyan says:

    That’s unfortunate. I’d say “mixed messages”, but perhaps they’re not mixed. I’m sorry.

  2. Rob F. says:

    Typical American confusion over the liturgical purpose of St. Patrick’s Day. We should either make this this day a solemnity like in Ireland or Australia, or treat like what it is: an optional memorial during Lent.

  3. Padrevic says:

    Uhhh…not my bag…uhhhh

  4. Anne says:

    I think it’s best to just let it go. It’s not a good thing but it won’t be happening again for years.

  5. Tony Neria says:

    I find most banners in church (or outside for that matter) to be very distracting. The environment in a church should exude the richness of the ritual and prayer of our liturgy. The Catholic church down the street from where I live has a big sign with red letters hanging from it that says “Catholics Returning Home—call 726-XXXX” It might as well say, “40 Percent Off Sale—Everything Must Go!”

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