Return from Iowa

I had a nice trip to Iowa the past two days. Yesterday I was visiting the Catholic student center at Iowa State, St Thomas Aquinas Parish. I first visited here for a job interview seventeen years ago. Here are images of the nave (top or left) with the narthex addition (2nd or right) added eight years ago.


I liked the glasswork on the holy oil containers. I’d need a better camera to show you details.

Then I spent the evening with my older brother and his wife. More my brother; his wife was working most of the evening. My brother must be one of the few vinyl aficionados left in the world. He was playing rock bands from the late sixties and early seventies and daring me to name the bands and the players.

We hung out together most of the morning, then I was back in KC this evening to cook dinner for my family. In a little bit, it will be curling up in bed with a nice book. Then back to work tomorrow.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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