Upcoming Liturgy Action

As promised a few months ago, we’ll continue our examination of the first stage of rites prepared by the CDWDS and translated by ICEL in the 1970’s. We’ll skip the rites that were fortunate to see a revision in the 80’s. Not to worry. Eventually, they’ll come under the sensible analysis of the bloggers and commentariat here.

I have the whole wedding lectionary queued up on the draft pages here. I hope Neil, and possibly Liam, can be engaged in some commentary. Catholic Sensibility seems to have advanced well up on the Google searches where weddings are concerned. Let’s be sure to behave nicely for the brides and grooms-to-be and give them some good advice on selecting Scriptures for their wedding liturgies.

In addition to the wedding readings, the plan over the next few months will be to look at the rites for confirmation, Eucharistic worship outside of Mass, dedication of a church, and maybe various ordinations. RCIA, Pastoral Care of the Sick, and the Order of Christian Funerals will get center stage by Fall 2008, or 2009 at the latest. As always, commentary is welcome. Ditto suggestions for documents to examine.

I confess being tempted to delve into Sing to the Lord,  the USCCB document on music in Catholic worship. But the other rites are so rich in comparison. Not to mention untouched and unknown by the conservative bloggers. Maybe if my friend is forthcoming with some details on MCW or LMT, I’ll post a bit on that.

First up is the Introduction to the Rite of Confirmation, which will be identified by the acronym IRC. We’ll cover nineteen sections, then peek at some of the rubrics. Every good liturgist knows you can’t study liturgy seriously lacking a grounding in the rubrics.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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