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Motumania: Finding The Sin In Others

I don’t know if reading Father Z’s blog constitutes a guilty pleasure or not. It is amusing to see the TLM linked to homosexuality. In some sort of reverse, mind you. I often wonder what it is that critics of … Continue reading

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Beautiful Baroque

The producers of WFIU’s Harmonia, one of the foremost early music programs in radio, have compiled a recording of wedding selections, Beautiful Baroque. Interested engaged couples and church musicians can also download the period-instrument performances and bypass the cd route … Continue reading

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Communion on Good Friday

The Concord Pastor comments on Good Friday, and wonders about the distribution of the Eucharist on that day. I’m aware the entrenched recent practice is not the oldest of the Christian traditions. I’d welcome an opportunity to theologize on the … Continue reading

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IRC 4: The Confirmation Liturgy in the Parish

Confirmation in the parish is usually an exclusive celebration. In many places, the bishop insists on a merging of parishes. Sometimes that resulting liturgy is at the cathedral, at one of the large parishes, or even at a local high … Continue reading

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That’s Papal Entertainment!

CNS features the line-up of performers for the pope’s visit to the New York area on April 20th. Kelly Clarkson will headline a four-hour event at St Joseph Seminary in Yonkers. Stig Edgren is in charge of the music outside … Continue reading

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IRC 3: The Role of the People of God

The next six sections of the IRC detail the “office and ministries” in the sacramental celebration. “The people of God” are fingered first: 3. One of the highest responsibilities of the people of God is to prepare the baptized for … Continue reading

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Easter Hymnody: Let the Holy Anthem Rise

Jimmy Mac send me his favorite Easter hymn, and it occurred to me we haven’t done a musical feature here in some time. We have fifty days’ worth of hymnody to explore, so suggest your own favorites (by combox or … Continue reading

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