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The third Eucharistic Prayer for Masses With Children includes alternate texts for the Easter season, including a preface: Priest: We thank you, God our Father. *You made us to live for you and for each other. We can see and … Continue reading

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Carnival #47

 … of space, that is. Here. And the word from Cassini is that Enceladus tastes like a comet.

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The second of the three EP’s for Masses with Children is noted for three preface acclamations preceding the Sanctus, plus another during the epiclesis. If the priest were singing the Eucharistic Prayer, these work far better: Priest: God, our loving … Continue reading

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Return from Iowa

I had a nice trip to Iowa the past two days. Yesterday I was visiting the Catholic student center at Iowa State, St Thomas Aquinas Parish. I first visited here for a job interview seventeen years ago. Here are images … Continue reading

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Monks Get Recording Deal

Jimmy Mac passed on to me this story on Austrian Trappists getting a recording deal with Universal Music, thanks to a YouTube clip. Good for them. I wonder about the long-term future of recording labels. Young people don’t buy cd’s … Continue reading

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Here is the text for the first Eucharistic Prayer for Masses With Children. The preface may be broken up by a splintered Sanctus, then concluded in the usual way: God our Father, you have brought us here together so that … Continue reading

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Fifty Days

Unlike Lent, there is no dispute numbering the days of Easter. Eight Sundays count. Plus the 42 weekdays in between. Does your parish keep up the flowers, the festivities?

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Driving the Metaphor Too Far On Fatherhood

In the discussion on maturity and masculinity, Tony takes a tumble on one of the over-used metaphors in Catholicism: the father image. We should all keep in mind that metaphor is an artistic expression of language. When one attempts to … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Prayers for Masses With Children

In 1975, Pope Paul VI approved the use of five Eucharistic Prayers, three of which were composed for use in Masses with children, as envisioned by the DMC two years earlier. Someone has already done a comparison on these three … Continue reading

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Vigils of Easter

Another Easter Vigil celebrated, and some would say, survived. At right is Charlie proclaiming the Exodus reading. I felt like I was on the run all night: in the sacristy preparing incense, in my seat listening to a few readings, … Continue reading

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On the Bookshelf: Fiction

I’ve cut back on reading fiction this past Lent. It was truly more from being busy than from a resolution. I did enjoy, for the most part, a breakthrough novel of sorts by veteran sf writer Kay Kenyon, Bright of … Continue reading

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John Chrysostom Preaches Easter

The Apollo 12 astronauts’ photo of the sun peeking out from the Earth, and the great golden mouth. What could be a better Easter reflection? Happy Easter, readers, friends, and all! Is there anyone who is a devout lover of … Continue reading

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No Confidence

Clergy asking a bishop to resign: this never happened in the wake of Vatican II, did it?

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The pope sends a message tailor-made for the Catholic blogosphere. Anybody listening?

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Masculinity Versus Maturity

Over at Zenit, I see an interview with an author-priest on Priestly Identity: Crisis and Renewal. Father Toups has picked up the progressive lingo of “formation” over “education,” so you know his ideas can’t be all bad. Ongoing formation, no … Continue reading

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