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IRC 11: When to Confirm?

A caution for impressionable readers: what we are about to read is the “ordinary” intention of the Church: a preservation of the sequence and unity of the initiation sacraments, the expected (young!)  age of the person receiving confirmation, and when … Continue reading

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Welcome & Three Reasons

Lots of incoming visitors from a few good blogs coming to verify if the Marty Haugen comment was authentic, or looking at maps, or wondering about the sorry state of liturgical music. Welcome to all of you. We have the … Continue reading

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“We just look like dead”

For my Michigan friends* how does it feel to be elevated to the ranks of Yankee-hate-hood for your ball team’s bloated payroll? How sweet, even for just four days! With my luck I’ll end up relocating to a city without … Continue reading

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“The Great” or “Doctor”

I’m surprised more JPII Catholics haven’t picked up on the alternative to naming our late pope “the Great.” What about “Doctor?” No, not that Doctor, but one of these. Steve Skojec notes that only three popes in history are known … Continue reading

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IRC 9-10: The Celebration of Confirmation

With this post, we move to instruction on the confirmation liturgy itself. First, this is how one confirms: 9. The sacrament of confirmation is conferred through the anointing with chrism on the forehead, which is done by the laying on … Continue reading

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One Face of Janus

Cassini images one of the shepherd moons of Saturn from 100,000 miles away. These little moons are fascinating. They are probably fairly porous: lots of empty space, some more ice, and a little bit less rock. This body figures prominently … Continue reading

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Neil & Buzz at the Ballpark

From the wondrous blog strange maps, this NASA map overlays the surface exploration of Apollo 11 over a regulation baseball diamond. (Who hit that shot to right-center, Aldrin or Armstrong?)

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