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IRC 16-18: Adaptations

Now for the controversial stuff, right? When can we change the red and do something else? The “we” is the conference of bishops: 16. By virtue of the Constitution on the Liturgy (art. 63b), conferences of bishops have the right … Continue reading

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One Day At A Time

One of my wife’s favorite bands is the Eagles. She has the Live In Melbourne dvd and plays it often. This song is always enough to rouse me from my book, the computer, or the kitchen to come in and … Continue reading

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My dear wife told me of a strange encounter in the ladies’ restroom at church. Someone had put the Capital Campaign pledge thermometer in there. You have a picture in your mind, right? Our campaign committee had it mounted on … Continue reading

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JPII’s States Visited

What would be more cool than to see his “countries visited” world map, eh? I leave that for another enterprising blogger to offer. Link here when you nail it. Meanwhile, here’s a trivia question: which was the first US state … Continue reading

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Papal Visit of New York Discontent

Catholic spinmeisters might retort the teachers just want to get themselves and their kids out to see the pope.

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IRC 14-15: Keeping Records

This is less of liturgical interest and more of an administrative concern, but we have to keep those records straight: 14. The names of those confirmed, as well as the names of the minister, parents, and sponsors, and a notation … Continue reading

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Post on Posters

Lisa Gutierrez offers a nice feature on yesterday’s Faith page in the Kansas City Star. The posters we get and post all over our parish campus are a small part of what vocation efforts can and should do. Some vocation … Continue reading

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