IRC 13: The Confirmation Mass

When I arrived in Kansas City, it was the first place I’d been to where Confirmation was celebrated with the Liturgy of the Word.  No Eucharist. Our bishop had been ill, and the reason for no Mass was given as his attempt to recover health and stamina. That did not extend to his forty-minute homilies.

If the rite presumes a Mass will happen, it is because the original ordering of the initiation sacraments are in view:

13. Confirmation takes place as a rule within Mass in order that the fundamental connection of this sacrament with all of Christian initiation may stand out in clearer light. Christian initiation reaches its culmination in the communion of the body and blood of Christ. The newly confirmed therefore participate in the eucharist, which complete their Christian initiation. If the candidates for confirmation are children who have not received the eucharist and are not being admitted to first communion at this liturgical celebration or if there are other special circumstances, confirmation should be celebrated outside Mass. When this occurs, there is first to be a celebration of the word of God. When confirmation is given during Mass, it is fitting that the minister of confirmation celebrate the Mass or, better, concelebrate it, especially with the priests who may be joining him in administering the sacrament. If the Mass is celebrated by someone else, it is proper that the bishop preside over the liturgy of the word, doing all that the celebrant normally does, and that he give the blessing at the end of Mass.

Don’t neglect the Word:

Great emphasis should be placed on the celebration of the word of God that introduces the rite of confirmation. It is from the hearing of the word of God that the many-sided work of the Holy Spirit flows out upon the Church and upon each one of the baptized and confirmed. Through this hearing of his word God’s will is made known in the life of Christians.

Did you know this? I wasn’t aware the CDWDS thought the Lord’s Prayer of greater importance than usual:

Great importance is likewise attached to the saying of the Lord’s Prayer. Those to be confirmed will recite it together with the congregation – either during Mass before communion or outside Mass before the blessing – because it is the Spirit who prays in us and in the Spirit of Christ the Christian says, “Abba, Father.”

Any experiences of Confirmation outside of Mass? Or any other comments?

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  1. shannon says:

    what exactly do you have to do in the mass am making my confirmation on sunday the 29th may 2011 i live in the uk

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