IRC 16-18: Adaptations

Now for the controversial stuff, right? When can we change the red and do something else?

The “we” is the conference of bishops:

16. By virtue of the Constitution on the Liturgy (art. 63b), conferences of bishops have the right to prepare in particular rituals a section bearing the same title as the present title IV on confirmation in the Roman Pontifical. This is to be adapted to the needs of the individual parts of the world and it is to be used once the acta of the conference have been reviewed by the Apostolic See.

17. The conference of bishops will consider whether, in view of local circumstances and the culture and traditions of the people, it is opportune:

a. To make suitable adaptations of the formularies for the renewal of baptismal promises and professions, either following the text in the rite of baptism or accommodating these formularies so that they are more in accord with the circumstances of the candidates for confirmation;

So the form for renewal of baptism may be altered.

b. To introduce a different manner for the minister to give the sign of peace after the anointing, either to each individual or to all the newly confirmed together.

This is where the slap has been supplanted by the clasping of hands.

The individual bishop celebrating has options:

18. The minister of confirmation may introduce some explanations into the rite in individual cases in view of the capacity of the candidates for confirmation. He may also make appropriate accommodations in the existing texts, for example, by expressing these in a kind of dialogue, especially with children. When confirmation is given by a minister who is not a bishop, whether by concession of the general law or by special indult of the Apostolic See, it is fitting for him to mention in the homily that the bishop is the original minister of the sacrament and to explain the reason why priests receive the faculty to confirm from the law or by an indult of the Apostolic See.

Not too bad, right? Mostly practical adaptations impacting catechesis or something age-appropriate. Any thoughts on this? Any adaptation that should be made?

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2 Responses to IRC 16-18: Adaptations

  1. Tony says:

    Now for the controversial stuff, right? When can we change the red and do something else?

    Is this a trick question? When episcopal preference is supported in the GIRM, but then, that is “the red” at that point. :)

  2. rajesh says:

    hi Sir, how r u.

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