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Diagnosis: Self-Centered

Gavin asked some good questions in the thread “First Person Problems.” I think they’re worthy to raise to the top of the post heap, and then, I must be off to work on tax forms. We know from Sacrosanctum Concilium … Continue reading

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More Fuel For The Fire

Pope Benedict’s chief liturgist, Msgr Guido Marini, made suggestions and reserved veto power over particulars, but acknowledges that most of what will go into the Holy Father’s five stateside liturgies were decided by locals. We do know what elements would … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Matthew 5:1-12a

This is one of the few Scriptures that see frequent usage at both funerals and weddings. Why do engaged couples still choose it for their wedding day? Possibly the same reason grieving families choose it: a comfortable familiarity. The litany … Continue reading

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Can Dirty Money Turn Clean?

The Mexican bishops mostly say no, if the money comes from narcotics, and other grave evils. But it hasn’t always been unanimous. Bishop Ramon Godinez Flores of Aguascalientes in 2005: (A)ll money can be transformed just as a corrupted person … Continue reading

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IRC 19: Preparations

Here’s the end of the Confirmation Rite’s introduction: some brief reminders for the sacristan: The following should be prepared for the administration of confirmation: When confirmation is given within Mass, the vestments prescribed for the celebration of Mass both for … Continue reading

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Wasting the Presider’s Time

One sure way to assess the priest’s attitude about singing the Mass versus singing at the Mass is to uncover his approach if liturgy runs a little longer than usual. Or is expected to do so. Long before reform2 musicians … Continue reading

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