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The Omega Cluster

Omega Centauri, from the Spitzer Space Telescope, that is. From the JPL/Caltech press release: It is the biggest and brightest of the 150 or so similar objects, called globular clusters, that orbit around the outside of our Milky Way galaxy. … Continue reading

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On The Six or 1,006

Crystal has tagged me with a challenge to compose a six-word memoir. There’s an option to add an illustration. If I took the option, it would seem to be a potentially longer essay, so I’ll just do this: Unorthodox path, … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Proverbs 31:10-31

(This is Neil.) This is another contribution – a belated one – to Todd’s “Wedding Lectionary” series. Here I’ll offer a brief commentary on Proverbs 31:10-31, the so-called Hymn to the Valiant (or Capable) Woman/Wife. I am not a professional … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 5-8: The Purpose Of Eucharistic Reservation

Why do Catholics have reservation of the Eucharist? The tradition is very old and in the beginning provided a practical way for Communion to be reserved until given to the dying: 5. The primary and original reason for reservation of … Continue reading

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New York Music, Old Yuck Attitudes

NPM sent me a link for the selections of music for the pope’s visit, including the less-fussed-about NY selections, all overseen by Dr Jennifer Pascual, music director at St Patrick’s Cathedral. NLM had the scoop a few weeks ago, courtesy … Continue reading

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