Let’s Play Two

If Ernie Banks had been a liturgist, he would have appreciated our parish’s schedule this afternoon. We celebrated First Communion at 2PM. Then Bishop Finn arrived for Confirmation at 5PM. I was on for music at both of these, accompanying the children’s choir at the first Mass, then leading an impromptu ensemble at the other.

It was nice to have great musical resources, especially an oboist. We had some rough spots, but overall I was grateful for some people coming out to do their second or in one case, the third Mass of the weekend.

Bishop Finn had a good message. His delivery can be rather dry, but sprinkled with some genuine enthusiasm at times. I wish he would let the enthusiasm out a bit more. He advised the candidates to read the Bible for at least five minutes a day. He urged them to get active in the parish and in the diocese.

With my departure time drawing closer, I have a different view of these liturgies. In other years, as the liturgical year progresses, I think about improvements: what I could have done better, how we might have been more prayerful or smooth, more welcoming, more artistic, or improved our communication on staff. That’s all pretty much out the window now. In a way it was nice to just concentrate on being a player today.

There is no future for me at the parish, so it was a bit of a relief not to be thinking in that way. It was also strange.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Let’s Play Two

  1. Sherry Weddell says:

    I must have missed the announcement of your leaving your parish position. Will you be letting your readers know what you hope to do next? Appreciate your blog although I don’t get over to read as often as I would like.

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