NY: Goodbye, B16; Hello, Saturn

Word from the Cassini site is an exhibit opens in New York this Saturday at the American Museum of Natural History featuring Cassini images of Saturn. As if dino skeletons weren’t enough, now you can get the solar system’s #2 planet with its retinue of rings and moons.

It was in the bag already, but a two-year extension of the original tour has been approved. Nice video spot for it here.

Meanwhile, a nice pretty picture to add a spot of color to the post:

These are the main targets of the Cassini mission, years 5 and 6: Saturn with rings, Dione, orange Titan, Enceladus, Rhea, (clockwise) with Helene at the center.

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1 Response to NY: Goodbye, B16; Hello, Saturn

  1. crystal says:

    The American Museum of Natural History is also said to have one of the best meteorite collections around.

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